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The use of tools is an important step in the evaluation of mankind. Specific tools are used through all industries.

Our first pipe/chain vise to hold cylindrical shapes were the ones you are most likely using now the old reliable pipe/chain vise’s.

These early tools are made of perishable materials which in time will catastrophically fail and be replaced with the same devices with the same results.



It’s not a lifetime vise…it’s a vise for generations.

Check out the video below to see the revolutionary JNW Vise in action!

A creative application of principles to design and develop a new type of apparatus

Your new vise will not only save your shop time and clear up precious floor space, but the safety factor is beyond compare for you and your employees.

Use of the revolutionary JNW vise

  • Strap hooked in chain assembly through rod eye.

  • Holding a tie rod cylinder

  • Holding a groove crane down rigger assembly

Adjustable and versatile

The vise can be indexed at an angle of up to 22 degrees by simply loosening the 8 tie down bolts around the base of the vise, then re-tighten after the appropriate position is achieved.  If you want more than 22 degrees of rotation, you will need to purchase a 36, or unbolt the vise from the floor and index at 90 degrees.


Complete and Scalable

The capacity of the JNW Vise is from 2″-12″ diameter.  Material can have round, square, or rectangular shapes.  There is no length restriction as long as it is correctly fastened to a suitable footing.  We also build a smaller version for service vehicles and a custom version for greater than 12″ cylinders. (A longer chain assembly can be purchased to achieve a few more inches in diameter instead of purchasing a larger vise).


JNW Vise

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